TBirds Talk: Episode 1

It’s finally complete, episode 1 of TBirds Talk. It’s pretty bare bones but as it is the first one, we’re still feeling our way around. I will warn that it may be a little loud to start (although Mrs Tidbits says it is fine) and there is an audio glitch or two during the episode. […]

Announcement: Podcast coming soon

We’re happy to announce that we are launching our new podcast this week. We will be recording episode 1 Wednesday night and it should be released before the weekend. Once this week’s episode is released, it and all future episodes will be available for download here at TBirdTidbits.com and on iTunes. And I say “we” […]

Interview with Erin Saunders

While we mostly focus on the players and the game when discussing the TBirds, we are also fans. And as such, the experience around the game plays a big part in the enjoyment of it. Erin Saunders was a part of the team that put that experience together. For the last couple of seasons, she […]

Looking at the 2016-17 schedule

With an extended playoff run, it feels like the season just ended. And yet, here we are with an Import Draft player picked, TBirds already off to NHL development camps and next seasons schedule already released. It’s starting to feel like there really is no off-season anymore. Let’s take a bit of a closer look […]

Banner raising: now or later?

When a team wins a banner-worthy title, tradition has it that you raise that banner to the rafters at the home opener of the next season. But is there a valid thought, at least in junior hockey, that the tradition should be broken? (more…)

TBirds in the Stanley Cup final

A quick list of all former TBirds/Breakers that have played in the Stanley Cup final. (*indicates won Stanley Cup) With the drop of the puck tomorrow for game 1 between the Sharks and Penguins, you can add Patrick Marleau and Brenden Dillon to the list. Hopefully the asterisk comes soon after. (more…)

5/6: Wear Your TBirds Colors Day

With the series win vs Kelowna, the Seattle Thunderbirds are on their way to the WHL final for the second time in team history and the first time since 1997. To get everyone aware of the great hockey being played right now in the Seattle area, we are urging you to wear your TBirds jerseys, […]

Exclusive: Cool Bird interview

While the Seattle Thunderbirds are in the middle of a playoff run, we caught up recently with one of the more visible yet underrated pieces of the success puzzle, the TBirds mascot Cool Bird. In this TBird Tidbits exclusive interview, we talk about his youth, his alternating ability to skate, his past relationships and how […]

Double hat tricks

From guest contributor Jon Whiting, here are the double hat tricks for one team that have occurred over the last 10 years in the WHL. All players listed scored 3 goals each unless specified. 3/1/16 – Seattle Ryan Gropp, Mathew Barzal 10/18/14 – Vancouver Alec Baer, Jackson Houck 2/23/14 – Spokane Mitch Holmberg, Dominic Zwerger […]

Who makes it rain bears?

Tonight will be the 13th Teddy Bear Toss game that the Seattle Thunderbirds have held. Before tonight’s game gets under way and the fur starts to fly, a quick look back at all the teddy bear goal scorers and some interesting tidbits about those goals. (more…)